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San Diego, CA – Give the Change announced today that it will issue the first non-profit branded micro-donation debit card in partnership with the Three Wise Men Foundation, an organization founded by former State Assemblyman and combat veteran Nathan Fletcher to help raise awareness and address suicide among our nation’s heroes. The Foundation will launch its first fundraising event on October 18 aboard the flight deck of the USS Midway in Downtown San Diego.

Give the Change cards will provide citizens the opportunity to demonstrate their support for returning veterans every day by using the card in place of their bank-issued debit card. Purchase transactions will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and 100 percent of the change will go toward causes supported by the Three Wise Men Foundation.

Between 22 and 50 veterans commit suicide every day in America. The Three Wise Men Foundation is working with other non-profits to raise awareness and to fight the epidemic of suicides amongst returning veterans.

“Bumper stickers urging people to ‘Support our Troops’ have become so common they are often ignored,” Fletcher said. “Anyone that uses our Give the Change card will help provide visible and meaningful support as card carrying members of a movement to fight for the lives of our returning veterans.”

“We can’t think of a better cause to support with the launch of the first ever non-profit branded PIN debit card,” said Steve Statler, CEO of Give the Change. “The idea for the card was born out of research we did, interviewing people across a broad economic spectrum. We found that individuals with the least to give that were most excited about helping others. When we discussed the idea of giving in small amounts every day, more individuals wanted to donate. Give the Change allows supporters of a cause to give painlessly every day and feel connected with the non-profits they are passionate about.”

More information regarding the Three Wise Men Foundation can be found at:

The Three Wise Men Foundation is named in honor of Fletcher’s cousins, brothers Jeremy, Ben and Beau Wise. Jeremy and Ben were both killed in action in Afghanistan; Ben remains on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Mission Edge San Diego is serving as the event’s key financial sponsor and partner.


More information regarding Give the Change can be found at:

Give the Change’s mission is to change the way people give and connect them to the causes they love with a PIN debit card that makes donations secure, efficient, painless and rewarding. With the “power of small numbers” these contributions can add up to significant ongoing revenues for non-profits in need. Join the micro-donation movement and request a card at


Staci Ignell, Three Wise Men Foundation  858-333-1558

Tammie Statler, Give the Change 858-880-5818