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For those who want to know how we are doing with our mission “to change the way people give”, here is a quick update.

Since May, when we started, we have had an exciting level of interest from some great non-profits in the area of youth services, sports, education, public broadcasting, disaster victim support, cancer research and veteran rehab services.  

We hope that next month will see the first one or two charities go live with cards so their supporters can use their cause branded Give the Change cards to show their support and give their change every day.

Thanks to some great support from our technology partners, product development is progressing rapidly.  You can now see card request, registration, and account management are live on the site.   We received our first card request from a potential “Changer” from our web site this week!  We have created what we call a “generic” Give the Change card.  We think it looks beautiful, you can see it and request one at the “Enroll” area on our site.  Today you can use that card as an alternative PIN debit card and spread the word about the Give the Change concept when people ask you about it (and they do).  In future, smaller charities may want to use our generic card and add a sticker to identify where the funds are going, as an alternative to a print run of 1,000 cards, which is the practical minimum if you want a branded plastic card with your logo on it.  The round up function should be ready by next month (October 2014) and at that time you will be able to register and associate your card with our first non-profits.

Do stay in touch.  You can do that by “Following” this blog.  As of yesterday, you can order t-shirts, bags and mugs to help spread the word at Of course anything you can do to spread the word just by telling friends or using your social media would be wonderful.

Our goal is to change the way people give and increase the funding for great causes.  We believe we will also increase the happiness of their supporters by making the process painless and daily.  We don’t plan to be a big company with a big marketing budget.  Our approach is to rally support from grass roots groups of people like you, so 100% of the change goes to making change happen.

Change on!