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Trifold Brochure Template

Potential card holders will need to be educated about how to register the card and how the card works once they do that.  To that end, we have created an example generic tri-fold template to accompany cards that you distribute, that can be edited to accommodate your brand and messaging about your cause.

The trifold brochure is provided as a PDF (GtC Trifold.pdf) for preview purposes and as two Adobe Illustrator files, one for the front, the other for the back, so that you may edit it.   If you don’t have access to folks with Adobe Illustrator skills, let us know and we can arrange to make the changes for you.

You may distribute the trifold electronically or more likely print it to accompany your cards.  If you don’t want to make any changes, you can simply send the PDF to the printer as is.

When printing the brochure make sure the trifold is printed by a printer used to printing commercial brochures.  They should holder that can accept an 8.5″ x 11″ page fold the paper for you and use the print guides and “bleed lines” on the edge of the PDF so that the image is shown full size, printing to the edge of the paper.  You want to avoid having the brochure image being reduced in size with a white frame around it.  For instance if you have your local FedEx/Kinko and they print the job in house, they may shrink it so that its printed with a border and the results are far from satisfactory.  If you don’t have a relationship with a local printer experienced with this kind of commercial work and you want to engage a firm online, one service that we use for small print runs that accepts jobs online is VistaPrint .  Their pricing is competitive and they offer a handy online preview service that shows how the brochure will be folded (you don’t want to get the brochure printed inside out).  If you navigate around their site careful you can short-cut all the up-sell advertisements and checkout painlessly.  Coupons available at RetailMeNot can usually reduce their prices further.

If you are going to print larger volumes, you may want to use a local commercial printer that can also affix the plastic cards to the trifold with gum dots to keep them in place.  We prefer to have the cards displayed on the outside of the trifold so that potential card holders can see the quality of the card.  One source of these adhesive Glue Dots is Amazon as of writing this the price is $7.48 for 600 dots.  You only need to use one dot per card/flyer.

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