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Kevin Kew joins Give the Change’s Advisory Board

[Sadly our dear friend Kevin has passed away in 2016, taken from us by ALS.   He was a wonderful man, much loved.  We keep this here as a reminder of his fantastic support.]

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While our mission is to change the way people give (specifically to help them give more and have fun doing it), a major part of how we aim to do that is to work with really cool people.  By cool, we don’t mean popular and good looking, although it turns out that in our opinion, the people we are working with are both of those things.  To us, you are cool if you do good work, you are straightforward, you care about people, you have a positive attitude and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Having Kevin Kew join our advisory board definitely fits in with the “only work with cool people” rule.

Kevin brings to us a wonderful combination of humor, enthusiasm, deep business skills and leadership experience in the non-profit world.  As Executive Director for a public charity (The Q Fund) he has successfully navigated operational and fundraising challenges while establishing a reservoir of unique problem solving skills required working in the field in rural Zambia.  As CIO and lead for alternative investments at the Boedecker Foundation (fka the Anthony H. Kruse Foundation) he has a depth of experience across the full spectrum of philanthropy.  Kevin’s experience in developing partnership programs and strategic alliances are a major asset to us, as well as his knowledge in the high tech and financial services markets.  He has developed these while working in vice president roles at Nuance, MatrixOne and Genesys Telecommunications Labs/Alcatel.